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Allegra Colman – President- [email protected].harvard.edu

Adrenaline junkie by nature, alpine skier by choice, Allegra “Legs” is still getting used to this whole ‘uphill’ phenomenon. You’ll never catch her without a hefty supply of emergency baking soda, endless knee-length socks and a plethora of hair-brained schemes for her next intra-continental adventure. When in Cambridge, Allegra studies History and Literature and enjoys espousing the wonders of HOC to anyone that will listen.
Meaghan Townsend – Vice President – [email protected] – 

Meaghan is never happier than when she’s in the mountains. Hailing from Chappaqua, NY, she is a one-alarm evangelist and considers the snooze button one of the greatest threats facing America today. On campus, Meaghan studies English and rows for Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew—although she’s always taking suggestions for new sports to try. She credits HOC with cultivating her love of the outdoors and hopes to spend her life sharing that joy with others.
Aidan Crawford – Tech Chair – [email protected] – 

Famous around the HOC community for pubbing the idea of “having your cake and eating it too,” Aidan grew up hiking and skiing around New England. Go hiking with Aidan and you’re liable to hear “Free Solo!!” shouted from somewhere behind you. He also likes to bring his camo crocks out into the backcountry, which are his prized possession. Shameless pub for his photography blog: @bighatdogcat, give it a peep. Great ways to describe Aidan include: “High Protein Special on GFB” (his favorite sandwich), “the big soft” (his favorite saying), and “the poor man’s Cam Maltman.” When not hiking, Aidan rows for Harvard’s Lightweight Crew Team and studies Environmental Engineering.

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Michael Wallace – Gear Manager – [email protected]

Michael was raised in the untamed forests of Wilton, Connecticut, a place with a large population of retirees and some of Connecticut’s hardest mountain biking trails, two things that go together really well. In September 2018, Michael decided to hike all of the 48 tallest mountains in New Hampshire in a single week. The attempt was a failure, covering only 5 hours and 1 peak before Michael packed up and came back to Harvard. Some say he never intended to hike all 48 peaks at all; some say he is a tragic hero who was crippled by circumstance. Michael says he actually did all 48 when you weren’t looking. When he’s not planning a new trip, Michael enjoys going for long runs, getting cannolis from Mike’s Pastries, and marveling at the wonders of public transport.
Matthew Li – Gear Manager – [email protected]

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Matthew Li hails from the town of Carlisle, Massachusetts. His love of the outdoors come partly from the fact that trees do not ask him how to spell or pronounce his last name, which comes partly from the fact that trees don’t talk – but they do make a sound upon falling, even if no one hears them. In addition to run on sentences, Matthew enjoys hiking & camping just about anywhere. On campus, Matthew studies some form of life science and some computer science. He also performs stand up comedy. 
Zoe Goldstein – Trip Guru – [email protected]

Since making the trek from her home in Cambridge, MA to her (Eliot) House in Cambridge, MA (a trend?), Zoe has enjoyed continuing to build a reputation for herself as the clumsiest person to consistently seek out balance-challenging and post-hole-promising hikes. She has an intense love of books, comfy clothing, and all things fruit. When she’s not planning hikes in the Whites for days it’s going to rain or repeatedly asking people how they are as she passes them in the Yard, you can find her hanging out with five- and six-year-olds with the Mission Hill After School Program, with her PAFees in Thayer basement, or in the Barker Center bragging about how she only has class three days a week. She butters her toothbrush AFTER she puts water on it.
Jack Daley – On Campus Events Chair – [email protected]

Jack is from Cambridge, MA, and completed more than seven unassisted through-hikes from campus to home last year. An avid hiker, skier, and angler, he never passes up a chance to escape to the forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and coasts of New England, except if it interferes with an official HOC On Campus Event. On campus, he studies environmental science and engineering and lives in Kirkland House. In his free time, you can find him fly fishing in the Charles River (he only eats the fish if it’s a survival situation), beating his roommates in pool, and losing to his roommates in ping pong.
Henrietta Reily – Treasurer – [email protected]

Henrietta grew up in the steep hills of Kentucky and likes to go outside even when everyone else is inside and no one will join her. She also likes going outside with others, forest dynamics, her dogs and the Harvard Outing Club. She dislikes wet socks, sweet coffee, people who whine and light pollution, but if any of them come on her trips she’ll be very nice to them!

Harrison Miller – Social Chair – [email protected] – 

Harrison Alexander Miller was raised in the wilderness, in a small town named Scarsdale, New York. While wanting to concentrate in being a snake(economics) and eventually work at Goldman Sachs, Harrison finds solace in nature. Some say that it’s because he knows it’s only a matter of time before he has to destroy it to turn a profit. At HOC meetings, Harrison will say, on at least three occasions, that he has hiked all of New Hampshire’s 48 4,000 footers. If you can’t find Harrison procrastinating in Cabot, you’ll spot him whooping gear manager Cam Maltman’s sorry ass at basketball. He enjoys hiking/peak bagging, kayaking, going on long runs to the quad and back, asking people who their favorite Beatle is (George is the right answer), and listening to way much good music.

Trip Leaders

Cameron Maltman – 
Cameron hails from rural Canada where he learned, among other things, the call of the moose, how to properly wear a flannel shirt, and the true meaning of the word “eh”. He is known at Harvard as the kid who likes “canoes and stuff”. Cameron dislikes weekends not spent outside, sitting still, and getting less than 7 hours of sleep. He enjoys hiking, white-water canoeing, weekends spent in a tent and building stuff (some would call it engineering). His love for the outing club is only matched by his love for maple syrup and HUDS stuffed chicken.
Molly LeavensMolly Leavens – 
Molly is studying environmental science and public policy with a focus in food systems. She enjoys ALL sports, cooking, playing guitar, making art, and making people uncomfortable. Additionally, she loves to make chocolate pudding in large camping pots for Will Li. She is currently in a long-distance relationship with her cat and dreams at night about a peanut butter/nutella/marshmallow fluff/cookie butter ice cream flavor. She resides from Utah, currently lives in the CoOp, and loves HOC more than a hawk likes mice.
Wildman Schubert Reed  – 
His name is Wildman. But if that doesn’t tell you enough about him, here’s a bit more: Wiley was born and raised in a small town called Brooklyn, NY. His outdoor interests range far and wide, from living vicariously through people who have more free time than he does, to being a member at REI. Growing up, he spent almost every weekend fishing and rock climbing on the Long Island Sound. One can only wonder how he rock climbed a body of water… As he got older, he undertook ever-more intense and eclectic outdoor escapades, including a backpacking trip to Hawaii where it rained for 10 days straight. Now he’s afraid of water. On that same trip, lying on his back and looking up at the stars at the top of 14,000-foot Mauna Kea, Wiley understood the meaning of a misplaced modifier, and also decided he wanted to understand the universe. Now he is deep in the throws of a concentration in physics doing just that (and perhaps regretting it a little bit, too). In fact, he was such a big proponent of the outdoors throughout high school that his friends nicknamed him “Tree Boy.” Now he’s a Wildman, and a Tree Boy.
Nellie Ide – 
Nellie grew up in Minnesota, otherwise known as the state of two seasons: winter is coming, and winter is here. Naturally, she loves to get as much frostbite as possible, so she is on the alpine skiing team (yes, there is a ski team and yes, she knows there are no mountains in Boston). Nellie began her outdoor experience when her family took her on a canoe trip at the tender age of one year old. This led to a childhood full of hiking and canoeing around the Minnesota wilderness, and she looks forward to exploring some real mountains out here in the East!
Lars Hornburg – 
Lars was raised in the beauty of northern Michigan and grew up working in the vineyards of Traverse City. He was shaped by the the scenic landscape much like the fine Chardonnay wines he worked to create, and while some say his smile is equally sweet and intoxicating, his personality has a complexity more akin to a Cardboardeaux. In addition to his love of hiking, he enjoys racing as a member of Harvard’s Alpine Ski Team, and watercolor painting. He has few accomplishments in life but hopes to limit his negative impact on society by concentrating in environmental science and public policy. Despite his general lack of achievement, he is a very proud owner of possibly the largest collection of Patagonia fleeces in the contiguous US.
Sinead Danagher –
Sinead has learned to love the outdoor adventures around Boston, despite maintaining an internal chant of “West Coast, Best Coast!” at all times. Hailing from Lake Tahoe, CA, you’ll be hard-pressed to convince her your hometown is better. It was among the soaring granite peaks and crystal blue lakes of her home that Sinead discovered the ultra-fun intersection of adrenaline and nature in activities like skiing, hiking, biking and cliff jumping. When not sneaking off campus to further explore this intersection, you can find Sinead loitering in the Fogg or sprawling somewhere along the banks of the Charles
Emily Markowitz – 
Emily hails from New York, indisputably home to the best bagels and the best pizza. Growing up with a father who was frequently mistaken for a park ranger, she was introduced at an early age to the great outdoors. Her first time camping included having her tent flooded by torrential downpours, rescuing someone twice her size from drowning, and sadly losing a stylish Croc. Yet, she still decided to go back and luckily future experiences have been less traumatic. Now, Emily enjoys hiking, running, and singing along to song lyrics a little too loudly.
Micah Yannatos – 
Born in the Pacific Northwest, Micah could often be seen crying profusely as his father carried him up some Cascadian peak. After a relocation to Woodstock, NY, Micah learned to love the small things in life, like the Catskill Mountains. He enjoys confusedly staring at chalkboards, observing knowledge through osmosis, and loudly yelling, “ULTIMATE!” while throwing frisbees into the ground. Micah looks forward to asking you all awkwardly personal questions as you begin a 5 hour hike with nowhere to escape to.
Morgan Whitten –
Morgan possesses an uncanny ability to attract mosquitoes; in fact, some believe on one weekend camping trip she donated enough blood to singularly save the mosquito population of Maine from extinction. She has come a long way from her first rendezvous with nature, in which she proclaimed, “I HATE camping! I want to stay in a ho-tel!” Now her fondness of the outdoors rivals her kinship with her own species, which in part drove her to study Environmental Science and Public Policy. A European wannabe, Morgan calls Stuttgart, Germany home (do beer gardens count as the “outdoors”? do nude spas?). 
David Lu – 
David was raised in Houston, Texas and therefore owns a single, lone pair of long pants. He can be found hiking and rafting in Big Bend National Park, or exploring restaurants all over Houston. He enjoys eating barbeque, eating Tex-mex, and eating sushi, so basically he just likes eating food in general. His other hobbies include running, playing squash, and meditating.
Sophie Pesek – 
Sophie “Stilts” Pesek is easy to spot at a distance because of her height and tendency to only wear clothing with animals on it. She grew up in Cambridge before being sent off to boarding school in New Hampshire, where she survived by spending all of her time in the woods. Now that she’s back in Cambridge, she tries to return to the NH wilderness whenever she can. When she’s not studying Environmental Engineering or walking to and from Pfoho, she loves to spend time sailing, skiing, and listening to sci-fi books as she runs.
Luca Muir Hinrichs –
Luca’s three favorite things are music, chemistry, and the great outdoors. Unfortunately, they have yet to find a way to combine all three. Even before they joined HOC and learned the depth of their love for the outdoors, Luca stanned John Muir to the point of legally changing their own middle name to Muir. They grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, a place where it is tragically difficult to hike, and are very glad to live here where the outdoors is accessible. Luca spends most of their time doing psets, going on long distance runs, and singing loudly in the shower. A hater of fun and lover of pain, Luca is pursuing a joint concentration in Chemistry and Environmental Engineering.
Jeyna Doshi – 
Jeyna grew up in the oldest town in Connecticut, known for its small town feel and numerous tobacco farms (which make for a great summer job!). As a youngling, she disliked most things that had to do with nature, much to her mother’s disappointment. Nowadays the tides have turned, and she dislikes anything that keeps her inside. She begins having ski dreams around the beginning of July (this year it was June) and waits another agonizing five months (or more) for the snow to come. During the other three seasons of the year, she enjoys hiking anywhere she can to satisfy her hunger for the mountains. When not biking to-and-from her wonderful home in Cabot, Jeyna can be found playing soccer, practicing yoga, gazing at the stars (without ever remembering what she’s looking at), or baking treats to satisfy her sweet tooth.
Gabrielle Schultz –
Gabrielle Schultz was born and raised in Wolverine, Michigan, population 237 on years when her family remembers to return the census form. Gabrielle’s earliest ~nature memory~ is of the time her mother made her younger sister cry because the latter took a bite of a non-poisonous mushroom. She was raised in the outdoors because there’s nothing else to do in Northern Michigan and consequently enjoys hiking (especially the part where you stop to rest), biking, “running,” swimming, and making s’mores. In between arguing for the merits of pop over soda and ranch over everything, Gabrielle can be found picking the mallows out of dry Marshmallow Mateys and flashing peace signs to people she thinks she recognizes on Mass. Ave.
Kira Telgen –
Kira grew up on a tiny island off the gulf coast of Florida without a single mountain (or hill) in sight but somehow still managed to get passionate about climbing big things. She spends the majority of her semesters loitering around Cabot dining hall and her summers commercially salmon fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska. You can usually find her with a coke zero in hand professing the merits of platform tevas or planning yet another cross country road trip.

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