Skiing Wildcat—A LynxTASTIC time slicing some CHEDDA

By Alex Woodcock

This last Thursday and Friday, (February 23rd and 24th, 2012) some of my fellow leaders and I lead an UNOFFICIAL outing club ski trip to Wildcat Mountain! I think we all agreed that spending a Friday in which we didn’t have class skiing was the BEST possible way to spend a Friday. Here’s what went down:

Thursday night, our group of amazing people (Ari as fearless driver, Traver as folksy DJ, and Alydaar, Kristen and I as passengers) drove up to the cabin. Another car with Nathan and Emerson followed up later. The drive went smoothly, and we soon arrived at the cabin to start off the trip with a bang- WITH MIXED BLUEBERRY PIE provided by Traver’s wonderful mom! After OM NOM NOM-ING the pie, we drifted upstairs to the loft to dream about the slopes we would be skiing down the next morning!!! WOOOO!!!

(I also have to add that we played Ari’s card game Shmooley, and although I stupidly was the shmooley the first round, I graduated to vice president the second round. TAKE THAT CARD GAMES!!!)

Waking up early, Ari and Kristen practiced “steam-rolling” over each other in their sleeping bags before we headed down to get ready for the day. After eating a delicious egg breakfast, we headed up to the slopes, and had rented our skis by 9:30 am! And then came the most epic part of the trip, the berries to the pie, the peanut butter to the PB&J—SKIING!!!

To say that skiing with these amazing people was great is the biggest understatement of all time. IT WAS BEYOND EPIC!!!! These sick shredders SLICED SOME CHEDDA down the slopes as we proceeded to do laps down runs on either side of the mountain. I was expecting a total ice rink, but surprisingly the runs were well groomed, and there was definitely enough snow to pound down some turns! Although there wasn’t any fresh POW POW, I think we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on runs like the Lynx and Polecat. And although there were a couple close call collisions, we managed to leave the mountain injury-free and with GREAT big smiles!

On our way back, there was continual raving about how wonderful the day was. NO BETTER WAY TO SPEND A FRIDAY was repeated by all! Ari, the rockstar, drove us safely back through rain and snow to Cambridge, while Kristen and I provided musical entertainment by singing in the back. We covered everything from the Beatles to Pink, because we are TOO SCHOOL FOR COOL!

What a wonderful trip, with the most wonderful of people! I think we would all like to do a round two of this in the future! HOC LOVE!

Trip Type:  Single Route Multiple Routes 
General Region:  New Hampshire (White Mountain NF) New Hampshire (other) Maine Massachusetts Out West Other 
Trip Leaders: Alex Woodcock, Kristen Wraith, Ari Gold-Parker, Michael Traver

Routes On This Trip:

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