North and South Baldface Mountain

The trek started with a 2-mile hike from the parking lot to the trail junction in the dark, followed by stumbling through the brush trying to find a good campsite. Just as everyone was about to give up hope, Ben found the perfect spot to put our 5 tents. The evening was concluded by admiring our giant food stash (9 pounds of cheese!) as well as discovering an enormous spider, which Ben inadvertently threw on Thomas.


The next day we split into two groups taking two different routes to the summit of North Baldface. After a stream crossing, we continued up a moderate slope and soon got above treeline where we were greeted with wonderful views of the ravine below. After eating lunch and doing a few push ups to get warm, we continued up the sometimes icy slopes to the summit of North Baldface, where we greeted by amazing views of the Prezzies, the Carters, and the lakes of Maine to the east.


Upon descending to the ridge between North and South Baldface, we concluded we didn’t have time to get to the campsite before dark so we camped above treeline between the two mountains. Winds were high and temps were low, but veggie burger mush, pushups, and singing kept spirits up. The night sky was clear as could be, and the stars came out by the thousands.


After waking up to watch the sunrise, we summited South Baldface, which offered equally awesome views. We continued down the mountain, staying above treeline for some time, before stopping for lunch a bit lower. After a fairly level hike out, we got delicious Flatbread and fell asleep on the drive back.

Trip Type:  Single Route Multiple Routes 
General Region:  New Hampshire (White Mountain NF) New Hampshire (other) Maine Massachusetts Out West Other 
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Routes On This Trip:

The Baldface Range Loop

This is a fantastic loop hike with several fun stream crossings and a lot of views at the top of both peaks and along the ridge. As their name implies both peaks have bald summits and in some steep places you may find yourself on fun scrambles. There will be fantastic views on clear days towards the taller White Mountains including Mt. Washington which dominates the horizon.

More info:

Route Difficulty: not specified 1: easy 2: easy-moderate 3: moderate  4: moderate-strenuous 5: strenuous 
Route Type:  Loop Out-and-back Point-to-point 
Distance (miles): 9.8 miles +
General Region:  New Hampshire (White Mountain NF) New Hampshire (other) Maine Massachusetts Out West Other 
Directions/Trailhead Information/Trail Information: From Conway NH, head east on 302/113 to Fryeburg ME, where 113 North takes a sharp left (not well-marked, but if you see the sign for 5/113 South pointing right, backtrack a couple of blocks). Take route 113 (paved but bumpy) north about twenty miles. The small parking lot - plowed in winter- is on the right shortly after a huge brown sign
Trailhead Latitude: 44.23757429344438
Trailhead Longitude: -71.01579666137695

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