Mt. Moosilauke Feb 16-17, 2013

On Saturday morning, our group of 6, led by Thomas and Mike, loaded our gear into the cars and headed off for a couple hour’s drive up 93N and 112W to the Beaver Pond parking lot. We started up the mountain at 1:00pm, undaunted by the foot of snow on the ground. The trail had been slightly broken by a group of snowshoers we later met, which made for easier going.

The Beaver Brook trail is quite steep, gaining over 2000 feet in less than 1.5 miles. We broke out the crampons after the short flat section at the start, except for Cass, who had given his pair to a participant and proceeded to conquer the icy mountain trail sans crampons. The going was pretty slow, and we had to take frequent breaks. We made it to the campsite a bit after 4:00pm, and decided against making a short side-hike to Mt. Jim.

We set up both our tents inside the Beaver Brook Shelter, warming up and playing a few games of Euchre. We had a delicious dinner of pasta with veggies courtesy of chef Casson, and went to bed at 9:00pm. The next morning we had oatmeal and broke camp around 10:00pm, heading up toward the summit of Moosilauke.

It was easier going than the previous day’s hike, but still fairly slow. The trail was not broken after a short distance, which made things harder. After making it past Mt. Blue and within 0.4 miles of the top, we stopped for lunch. A short while after that it was getting pretty cold, and the weather looked like it was getting worse, so we turned back. We took off our crampons and headed down. We warmed up, and we got to do a lot of butt-sliding down the trail which was a blast! We made it back down to the parking lot at 3:30pm.

On the way back, we stopped for dinner at the lovely Panther Pub in Plymouth, NH. It was delicious and the nacho servings were gigantic. We got back to campus by 9:00pm.

Trip Type:  Single Route Multiple Routes 
General Region:  New Hampshire (White Mountain NF) New Hampshire (other) Maine Massachusetts Out West Other 
Trip Leaders: Thomas Esch, Michael Casson

Routes On This Trip:

Mt. Moosilauke, Beaver Brook Trail

This is a relatively short hike (3.8 miles from parking lot to summit), but it is also quite steep, gaining about 2900 feet over that distance. There are a few particularly steep pitches, so crampons and/or snowshoes are a must in the winter. The Beaver Brook shelter is 1.5 miles up the trail.

Route Difficulty: not specified 1: easy 2: easy-moderate 3: moderate  4: moderate-strenuous 5: strenuous 
Route Type: Loop  Out-and-back Point-to-point 
Distance (miles): 7.6
General Region:  New Hampshire (White Mountain NF) New Hampshire (other) Maine Massachusetts Out West Other 
Directions/Trailhead Information/Trail Information: Take 93N to North Woodstock, NH, and then take a left on 112W (the Kancamagus Highway). The parking lot is near beaver Pond. Trail junctions are well marked.
Trailhead Latitude: 44.040249562915506
Trailhead Longitude: -71.79342269897461

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