Cross Country Skiing Trip Report- Saturday March 5th 2011

By Alex Woodcock

Keepin’ perfect rhythm
Make ya wanna swing along
Got it goin’ on
Like Donkey Kong
-Trace Atkins

While it might seem incredibly random that I have began this trip report with the lyrics to a Trace Atkins country western song, when reminiscing on the EPIC cross country ski trip I co-led this past weekend, this song plays on repeat in my mind. For reasons that will become clear soon, this trip was, in the words of Scot Miller was “HONKY TONK RADONKADONKulous!!!”

We began our trip at 9 am on Saturday. Our group of eight was able to quickly load up the car and get on the road by 9:30. We drove a little over an hour and a half to Windblown XC in New Hampshire. Our trip was full of many beginner cross-country skiers, so everyone was PUMPED to get going. During the morning, everyone got their ski legs going and meandered through the easier trails. However, by about 12:45 most of my companions had caught on to my singing of “Snack Snack SNACK SNACK snack snack!” and “Lunch Lunch LUNCH LUNCH lunch lunch” (if you don’t understand this, I would advise you listen to the song Shots by LMFAO….I changed the words obviously) and were powering their way back to the ski-shop to eat lunch.

After warming ourselves up and eating delicious food, we all headed back out onto the ski trails. While some headed off to take some easier trails, my group decided that we wanted to practice our downhill skills on “The Open Slope”…dun dun DUN!!! The journey to this trail involved about an hour of intense MOUNTAINEERING in cross-country skis–that is digging the edges of our skis into the trail and relying heavily on our poles to make it up the hill. During this climb, Scot hilariously claimed that this kind of cross-country skiing was HONKY TONK RADONKADONK!!!!

After finally reaching the top, we realized that “The Open Slope” was insanely steep. Again, in Scot’s words, this hill was CRAZY PANTS!!! While Scot and I were able to pizza our way down, participant Yifan spent a majority of the time on her tushie.

After the crazy steepness of “The Open Slope” we decided to ski some easier trails for the rest of the day. At 4:45, we meet up with the rest of the group, who had had an excellent (and slightly tamer) afternoon as well. Everyone agreed it was a GREAT trip and was glad they had come this particular weekend because the snow was starting to melt. WOO SKIING!!!

Trip Type:  Single Route Multiple Routes 
General Region:  New Hampshire (White Mountain NF) New Hampshire (other) Maine Massachusetts Out West Other 
Trip Leaders: Alex Woodcock, Scot Miller

Routes On This Trip:

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