Hermit Weekend Trip 4/6 – 4/8!

By Mike Casson and Jane Thomas

On the lovely weekend of April sixth to April eighth, five both intellectually and adventurously driven intrepid individuals travelled to the HOC cabin for a weekend of delicious food, sleep, studying, and the occasional waterfall.

We left Cambridge at 7:30 and proceeded to head north to the cabin. As it turns out the North 128 does not actually head north, and upon finding ourselves on this path failed to rectify our mistake, but as an added benefit enjoyed some lovely views of the Atlantic by moonlight. Fortunately there was a direct route back to our intended course and in no time (thanks to Tiphanie’s driving). After 12 hours of sleep and a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, brown sugar, fruit, and peanut butter, the group headed to the Arethusa Falls trail. After 2 miles we came to the falls, cascading probably 200 feet, with the pooling to flow out under the remaining snow. An entire side of the exposed cliff was still covered in a gorgeous ice sheet (ice climbing anyone?). We finished up the hike via a trail with far less traffic than the approach and we soon back at the cabin.

We whipped up some delicious vegetarian pasta alfredo, and enjoyed a few games of Euchre over tea. Jane and Mike, with some bold and clever plays, managing to grapple a victory over Tanya and Mikhaila, resulting in the latter pair having to do the washing up. Folks worked for much of the rest of the evening, with the exception of Mike who went promptly to sleep and didn’t wake until well after noon the next day. The next morning Jane baked a delicious loaf of quasi banana bread. After a few hours more relaxing and getting some work done, the group ventured back to Boston, with significantly more navigational success than our departure. All in all a great trip with great people and the right balance of adventure and relaxation.

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General Region:  New Hampshire (White Mountain NF) New Hampshire (other) Maine Massachusetts Out West Other 
Trip Leaders: Mike Casson, Jane Thomas

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