Our Leaders

Jackson Whang - Jackson grew up in the not-so-exotic suburbs of New Jersey, but he's a half-Asian dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada...pretty exotic, right? He's into country music, loves any sport (as long as it involves a racquet), and is a firm believer that everything tastes better with Frank's Red Hot sauce. When outdoors, he enjoys hiking and biking, but the most important thing is that he's spending quality time with quality people.

Ryan LaMonica - Ryan LaMonica was born and raised in the Great Midwest. Hailing from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, he understands what it’s like for nobody, ever, to have visited his hometown for fun. Yet, he still loves Cleveland with the intense fervor of a salmon-craving grizzly bear. He frequently adventures to Southern Ohio and neighboring Pennsylvania and West Virginia for hiking, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting. He is known for wearing plaid shirts and boots, jumping off small rocks, and waking up with such unbelievable bedhead that not even a hat can contain that barbarian jumble. He loves to build things, wastes all his money on new outdoor gear, and hangs maps on the wall. His bucket list includes climbing a mountain on every continent and consuming all 57 varieties of Heinz. Olive oil and Swedish fish are his main food groups.

Sophie Westbrook - During the grueling wagon ride out of the mountains of Kansas, Sophie ate 16 bags of granola and memorized every Disney song. Her preparations didn’t help much with Harvard, but they did give her the energy of a caffeinated lemur. She spends this energy in the great outdoors – on a good day, the part that isn’t between Currier and the Science Center. Sophie lives for hiking and every winter sport except curling. She never learned to whistle, snap, or touch her toes, but can read on a treadmill so figures that it all evens out.

Sarah Welsh - Gear Manager - [email protected] - Srah is from Bellingham, Washington. While the area is known for constant rain and a high concentration of Sasquatches—neither stopped Srah from exploring the wilderness. She grew up backpacking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and getting lost in the Pacific Northwest. On campus, Srah studies environmental engineering and enjoys her daily hikes to the Quad (yay Pfoho!) as well as ordering too much El Jefe’s, binge watching “Survivor”, and adventuring with the Outing Club.

Ari Gross - President - [email protected] - Ari Gross grew up in the (really beautiful, seriously have you heard that Alaska is beautiful???) temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska. She spent a lot of time on boats, watching her mom beat her up mountains, and pretending to be a fairy in the woods. If she's not napping on 15 Linden Street, you can spot Ari enjoying the reflective walk to the Quad, hiding in Widener, cooking with her roommates, or running off to the Whites whenever possible. She still spends a lot of time on boats.

Cameron Maltman - Gear Manager - [email protected] - Cameron hails from rural Canada where he learned, among other things, the call of the moose, how to properly wear a flannel shirt, and the true meaning of the word "eh". He is known at Harvard as the kid who likes "canoes and stuff”. Cameron dislikes weekends not spent outside, sitting still, and getting less than 7 hours of sleep. He enjoys hiking, white-water canoeing, weekends spent in a tent and building stuff (some would call it engineering). His love for the outing club is only matched by his love for maple syrup and HUDS stuffed chicken.

Antonia Washington - Antonia Washington grew up in Portland, Oregon, home of craft beer, at least five species of hipster, and the most popular airport carpet in the world (may it rest in peace). When she is not adventuring outdoors, she becomes very sedentary and can be found on any number of couches becoming overly emotionally attached to TV characters. She spends much of her time eating carbs, looking fly in white crocs, and pleading for her mom’s REI dividend. She loves hiking, backpacking, paddle-boarding, kayaking, Razor scootering, and low-pressure longboarding because she almost ran over a kid’s ankle once and now crowds make her nervous.

Emma Schwartz - Vice President - [email protected] - Emma Schwartz is a Boulder, Colorado native who even after three years in Boston is still getting used to the concepts of “sea-level” and wearing jackets in the winter. She believes the ocean is a myth. Her hiking adventures through the Colorado wilderness have taught Emma to communicate with marmots and befriend mountain goats (she’s particularly fond of Fredrick, who lives atop the Collegiate Peaks). Emma only likes to sit on the left side of airplanes and draws all her lines with rulers. She is an avid fan of 1980s movies and a fountain of Broadway musical trivia knowledge. Some call her "egg."

Kelly Steeves - Social Chair - [email protected] - Kelly was born and raised Whistler/ Vancouver Canada. She experienced her first taste of the outdoors life when she was two months old and her parents whisked her away for a hiking and camping trip complete with her sitting in the baby backpack. Since that moment she has continued to love and explore the outdoors. Each summer of her life was filled with more and more adventures as she explored and adventured through all the beautiful wilderness that the West Coast has to offer. Her winters were filled with ski racing and ski trips to mountains all over the province to compete. At Harvard, Kelly is studying mechanical engineering, racing for the Harvard Alpine Ski Team and continues to run off to the mountains at every possible opportunity!

Charlie Gibson - Charles Gibson was born and bred in the wilds of the Berkshires. The Berkshires are in Massachusetts, one of the oldest states in Our Great Nation. Descended from a Scottish lord, Charles enjoys pastimes like reading the dictionary, investment banking, and badminton. Though he is only a junior he knows he will be concentrating in economics, hopefully moving toward a future of venture capitalism or consulting. One day he hopes to cross west of the Mississippi, but for now he is thoroughly enjoying all that the Northeast has to offer; he loves the AMC huts but honestly believes they could use a few more amenities (like a Keurig or perhaps quarters for a personal chef). A self-described foodie, Charles likes to use his full name at restaurants so the staff think he is the famous ABC news anchor and treat him accordingly.

Ellie Lasater-Guttmann - Ellie Lasater-Guttmann invented the seedless watermelon, cheated the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and committed every murder in “Clue”.  She is the jukebox hero.  She also pawned three of her toes for a painting studio in the Alaskan Wilderness.  Hailing from the majestic land of Reston, Virginia, Ellie mastered the art of layering shortly after birth. She has scrabbled up mountains in Nepal, onto an ice field in Alaska and through the frigid Virgin River in Utah.  Ellie starts to slur her words if she spends too much time indoors.   Off the trail, Ellie sketches her classmates, erases and restarts her failed proofs, and slurps down massive bowls of soup.

Molly Leavens - Molly is studying studying environmental science and enjoys riding her unicycle, cooking, slack-lineing, gardening, making art, and making people uncomfortable. Additionally, she loves to make chocolate pudding in large camping pots for Will Li. She is currently in a long-distance relationship with her cat and dreams at night about a peanut butter/nutella/marshmallow fluff/cookie butter ice cream flavor.

David Lu - Tech Chair - [email protected] - David was raised in Houston, Texas and therefore owns a single, lone pair of long pants. He can be found hiking and rafting in Big Bend National Park, or exploring restaurants all over Houston. He enjoys eating barbeque, eating Tex-mex, and eating sushi, so basically he just likes eating food in general. His other hobbies include running, playing squash, and meditating.

Emma Seevak - As a young child, Emma never crawled and was quite late to walk, thus earning the nickname “the potted plant.” In the years since, she’s tried to compensate for these lost steps by hiking and running whenever possible, sometimes with a pack on her back, often with a scrape on her knee, and always with a smile and some sweat on her face. A spawn of an outdoor-loving family, Emma was raised on GORP and a healthy dose of mountain grime. She's looking forward to eating more GORP and traversing more trails as a FOP leader.

Will Li - Growing up in the small hamlet of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, the wildest thing Will encountered was the occasional wild turkey in his backyard, of which he befriended many. But his first real camping experience was in forests of Maine and involved, among other things, a skirmish with a seagull (winner unclear) and having his blood sucked by mosquitoes (blood type still unknown.) Over the years, he has gradually become accustomed to this wonderful thing called Nature and since then, has come to love hiking, trail running, and camping. His favorite smells include fresh baked baguette, campfire on flannel, and anything with a sugar content of 20% or higher. As a sophomore at Harvard, Will still has no idea on what he wants to study and spends his free time actively trying to avoid thinking about his “future.” When not rewearing underwear in the backcountry or walking back to the Quad, Will can be found at the Mission Hill After School Program, trying unsuccessfully to get small children to listen to his instructions.

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