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The HOC has a cabin on Route 16 near Pinkham Notch, NH, a location with easy access to lots of trails, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and good rock and ice climbing. It’s heated, has a capacity of 30 people, and has a fully equipped kitchen. It is leased to the AMC in exchange for maintenance, but 6 spots are always reserved throughout the school year for members of the HOC on at least one week’s notice. NOTE: If an official HOC trip already has the cabin reserved, those 6 spots will NOT be available for other Harvard affiliates.

Check out the AMC’s page about the cabin. NOTE: The rates listed on that page do not apply to HOC members; see below for HOC rates.


Take a look at our online calendar for availability: Harvard Cabin Calendar

We have 6 spots reserved for Harvard affiliates. Spots reserved for HOC are shown in green.

Reserving the Cabin

If you would like to use the cabin (and you can, anytime), follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the nights you want are available. Check that here.
  2. Come to HOC office hours at least one week beforehand. (If you can’t make office hours, email the Gear Managers)
  3. If you’re not already a member, pay your membership dues. We require that at least half of the people staying at the cabin are dues-paid members.
  4. Let the HOC leader running office hours know what nights you’d like, and leave your payment (see below for amounts). They’ll also give you the entry code.
  5. Go have fun in the mountains!

A full refund will be given for reservations cancelled more than 30 days in advance. No refund will be given for reservations cancelled (fully or partially) 30 days or fewer in advance. For groups using the entire cabin: in order to stay either Friday or Saturday night you must reserve and pay for at least both nights.


The cost is $7.00 per person per night for up to 6 people. If you would like to reserve more than 6 spots you must reserve the whole cabin, which costs $92.00 per night. These rates apply only to Harvard Outing Club members.

Details and Amenities

Keyless Entry

You’ll be given the current entry code when you make your reservation.


Once you’ve gotten into the cabin, go into the room directly on your right as you enter, open the circuit breaker box, and flip the master switch to “On.” When you leave turn it off again. You’ll need to plug in the refrigerator, and unplug it again when you leave.


There are two propane heaters, fed by the big tank out front. Follow the instructions on the wall for the big silver-colored one and the indstructions on the unit for the gas log one.


The kitchen has a full-size refrigerator, two stoves and ovens, a microwave, and a toaster. It’s also well stocked with plenty of plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, pots, pans, etc. (for 15 people), so there’s no need to bring any of these items with you. Do bring dish soap, sponges, paper towels, and your own cloth dish towels if you so desire. You’ll need to plug in the refrigerator, and unplug it again when you leave.

Stove and Oven

The two stoves have electronic ignitions; there are no pilots to light. If you have any trouble lighting the burners check that the two propane tanks to the right of the porch are on: valves turns counter clockwise for the on position. Also check that the ball valve to the right of the tanks is on (it’s the handle in line with the pipe). Leave all the valves on, even when closing up the cabin. In the event of a power failure the gas locks off, so you won’t be able to use the stove or heaters. The oven should never be used to heat the cabin. Do not turn off any gas valves outside the cabin when you leave; when you turn the electricity off, all the gas will lock off automatically.


The faucet at the sink is fed by a tank in the kitchen. To fill the tank, hold down the switch on the wall. It can take a while for the water to come, so be patient. The water also has a slightly sulfuric smell, although it’s nothing to worry about.


Bring plastic trash bags. Carry out all trash with you when you leave. The local dump is only open limited hours, and a resident sticker may be required to use the dump so take your trash home.

Sleeping Space

The second floor of the cabin is a spacious, empty wood floor. Bring sleeping pads and sleeping bags. Please no shoes upstairs!

Fire Escape

There is a fire escape stairway leading down from the south end of the second floor. Please be sure to shovel snow off the stairs and keep them clear during your stay.


The outhouse is out the back door, down a short trail to your right. Don’t throw any garbage in the outhouse, and don’t sprinkle it with lime, as lime halts decomposition.

Directions from Cambridge

View HOC Cabin in a larger map

  1. Get on 93N. It’s best to cross the JFK bridge and head down Storrow Drive towards downtown; follow the signs to 93N and you’ll be set.
  2. Take 93N for about 10 miles to exit 37 to 95N. Pay attention — it comes up quick!
  3. Stay on 95N for 48 miles. Just south of Portsmouth, NH, take the exit for Route 16 North (it splits, you want to be on the left).
  4. Stay on 16N for a long time. In Conway, stay on 16N; it turns left.
  5. You’ll go through the mecca of North Conway. Stay on 16N. You’ll pass through Glen and Jackson and you’ll be near.
  6. The cabin is 6.1 miles north of the route 302/route 16 intersection at Glen NH. Head north from the junction until you pass Washburn Way on your right. About 200 feet after you pass it, you’ll come to a wide shoulder on the right side of the road with a slightly smaller shoulder on the left. You will see a driveway with a chain across it heading into the woods on the right side of the road. The cabin is 150 feet from the road. It has dark brown wood plank siding, a green door, green trim, and a very large green gas tank in the front yard. If you hit the Dana Place Inn, you’ve gone too far; turn around and head south 1.25 miles.

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