Supporters & Friends of the Gear Co-Op

Cascade Designs - We would like to thank Cascade Designs for its support of the gear co-op through program discounts on outdoor gear. Cascade Designs manufactures a wide range of top-of-the-line outdoor gear, including respected brands such as MSR, Therm-A-Rest, and Platypus.

Global Hydration
Global Hydration - We would like to thank Global Hydration for their generous support of the HOC. By providing us with a donation of Aquatabs, we now have an easy and safe method for fulfilling our water purification needs. Aquatabs are a lightweight and reliable product for wilderness water purification, and our current supply should last for quite a long while. In case you are curious about how their product works, or about water purification in general, feel free to head over to or

JanSport - In the summer of 2012, JanSport donated 23 brand-spanking-new backpacks of all sizes to the HOC gear collective, everything from daypacks to massive, multi-day backpacking packs. They're going to be a huge asset to the club in the years to come, and we really can't express how thankful we are for this. So make sure you come in to office hours and try one out! We'd like to give a massive thank you to JanSport for the unbelievable, totally unsolicited support that they've given to the gear cooperative. Be sure to check out all their outdoors stuff here.

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