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Congratulations to Our New Leaders!

The Outing Club is overwhelmingly proud to announce our new leader trainees for the 2012-2013 year! Let’s give a warm congratulations and welcome to: Ben Hughes – 2014 Caleb Irvine – 2016 Dilia Zwart – 2015 Mary Carmack – 2016 Miles Graham – 2016 Pat O’Hara – 2016 Sarah Rose Cass – 2015 Stephen Bates [...]

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Leader Training Program Application Officially Open

Tired of conquering only metaphorical summits? Love the mountains? Want to learn wilderness medicine and leadership skills? Need to escape the urban jungle more? Well, we have good news: The Outing Club is now accepting applications for our 2012-2013 leader training program! No outdoors experience is necessary — we’re just looking for enthusiastic, motivated people [...]

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